Rubber Expansion Joints

Q-Flex's rubber bellow expansion/ flexible joint can used for both suction and delivery (discharge) due to its excellent stability and pressure withstandability. Its bursting pressure is anytime above 550psi and can be comfortably used within a normal internal pressure of 225psi.

The Unique spherical shape of the connectors (QFSC, QFTC & QFTU)  with its excellent indigenous structural design combined with its internally laid tough flexible fibers and lastly its moulding technique has much contributed to its success in the ability to withstand the force of creating a vacuum on both delivery and the suction mode of applications.

Since its carcass is of spherical design, the rubber joint will not come into contact with the connecting bolts head even if it expands, thus ensuring security amd reliability in use when subjected to extremely high pressure.

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